14 Apr

What do you know.  I whirl around and nine days have passed since my last NaPoWriMo post.  I’m so bad at commitment.

I’ll double up on poems every day to catch up.  I hope I stay more together until the end of April.

April 5:  houses lol

when i talk to you
i feel as if im talking to myself

the slight bounce of my voice off
the posterpasted walls of my room
announces absence

yet you receive
houses lol

while i speak of enthalpy change
you flash me pictures of
houses lol

you are a presence

This comes from my attempt at using Google Pig Latin Voice Search to search for Hess’s Law and ending up with a search for “houses lol” instead.  I had to go through my Twitter feed to remember what I did on April 5.  Guh.

April 14:  Sluice

A tumble of water,
Sulfur-tinged, gulf-impinged;
An outflow of molecules
upon molecules upon molecules
gripping each other by the
tips of their fingers
and somersaulting into a
summery street.
The morning raises them to the sun.


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