NaPoWriMo: Catching Up

2 Apr

So April is National Poetry Writing Month.  I’ve been intending to do this for ages, but yesterday was my last day of school and I spent the entire day lazing around on the playgrounds, running on two and a half hours of sleep, so I didn’t manage to start on time.  As a consequence, I’m posting two poems today.
I’ve been writing poetry for years now, but my productivity has really been lagging recently.  I hope this gets me back into it.

April 2, making up for April 1:  Them

She sits, sunken,
All slackened jaw and bowing spine and withered thighs,
Skin spreading across the easy chair
almost like a cold teabag, one day old.
But even a seaful of hot water
would do her no good.

There once hung a canvas on the wall behind her,
Smeared in a shade that she called green
and they called blue.
They said the same about the beach,
How it smelled like rotting fish
when all she could smell was summer
and learning to stop ice cream dripping down the cone.

She eats ice cream perfectly now.

April 2, the real one:  Verre Vert

He lived with green glass.
The smashed green bottle bleeds as darkly
as his head next to it.

The occasional head turns to
the wall of green windows
across from his green window.
Finally one sees and opens its mouth
and squinches its nose
and twists its eyebrows
and widens its green, glassy eyes.

It looks like the blown green sculpture
gaping on a shelf high, high above
where his head had reached when he stood,
Its abstract twisting giving way
to images of horrified death-seers
like the shadows of a cloud’s surface.


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