Small Things

3 Mar

Oh well, this blog’s here, so I might as well use it.  I guess I’m just in a writing mood.

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.  I used to make them, but I’d never stick to them, so last year I decided not to make any.  I didn’t make any this year either, but I thought of a couple of small things I can work into my routine that will have a long-term positive effect.  (According to, like, everyone, writing stuff down is supposed to help you stick to it.  Okay.)

Read an article from the Chinese newspaper over breakfast every morning.

This was the first idea I had a couple of weeks/ months ago.  I’m always fiddling around on my phone in the morning, tweeting and sometimes reading the New York Times if I feel like it.  But I can do those things anytime during the day – I always have my phone on me – while I only have the Chinese paper at home.  I really need to improve my Chinese, because spending an hour and a half zombie-ing my way through tutoring isn’t helping me all too much.  Like my German teacher said last Friday, you can’t learn a language in a few hours a week.  He made spending half an hour revising the language every day sound easy, but it’s hard to start with and gets even harder if you’re learning three foreign languages and one native language that you don’t really speak.  At least this is a step.


I had a going-to-the-gym thing going strong for three weeks, but I went to a concert last Monday, which made me skip the gym on Monday and also made me really tired and unmotivated the rest of the week.  And then my dad had a cold and passed it onto me, which just gave me an excuse not to go this Monday…and everyone knows that if you start the week off badly the rest of the week goes badly too.  Well, this is just a written reminder to myself to get back on the track I was on for three weeks.

Read books instead of trawling Tumblr/ Reddit/ YouTube/ forums for something to do.

I woke up this morning and read 80 pages of Let the Great World Spin before I even left my bedroom, something I used to do every weekend, holiday and sick day morning.  Hell, I used to start and finish whole books in one morning.  Or stay up until 3am reading.  But now those late nights are spent talking to friends on Skype, watching every single Gregory Brothers video, reading fanfiction…you get the point.  This was partially triggered by a discussion our psych class has had several times over the last term or so.  My teacher (and two of the people in my class) thinks technology is basically ruining our lives and making everyone really, really stressed out.  Which is true, but it’s also presented us with a lot of advantages.  Plus it’s here, and here to stay, so that argument is really fruitless.  Still, when we were having that discussion again yesterday, she asked us if we all read.  And I realized that it’s not because I have too much work that I haven’t been reading, it’s because I have too much other distraction.

It pains me to admit that, but I’m glad I have.  Okay, tl;dr – I SHALL READ MORE AND MORE OFTEN AND CLEAR OUT THOSE BOOKS ON MY BOOKSHELF I HAVEN’T READ.  Jeez, I never used to have a book on my bookshelf I hadn’t read at least once.

Brush my teeth straight after dinner.

Simple.  Especially because I have braces, brushing my teeth is a big production, so I really don’t like eating stuff after I’ve brushed my teeth at night.  If I brush my teeth, I’ll stop eating after dinner.  I’m not usually hungry after dinner, but it’s an empty couple of hours that make me feel like I should eat.  And eating when you’re not hungry is bad.

Sleep before 11:00.

Maybe I should set the demarcation time even earlier, but we’ll start with 11.  Particularly in the last two or three weeks, I’ve barely had any homework.  My evenings are spent watching Law and Order: SVU with my parents, but somehow I still find myself staying up until 12 on a normal night or 1 on a late one.  Seeing as I wake up at 6:30, that’s kind of ridiculous.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m sure I’ll think of some more in the coming days.  It’s good to know this blog is here whenever I’m in a brainspilly mode like I am right now…committing myself to a personal blogging schedule will just make me hate it.  But I’m on WordPress all the time for my food blog, anyway.  I’m coming dangerously close to not making sense.  Okay.



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